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Why Buy SunClass Spas?

Owning a SunClass spa is the beginning of a rich life filled with the entertainment, relaxation and comforting therapy a Quality spa provides.

SunClass investment quality spas are engineered for strength, durability, and long-term reliability.

Please take a moment to watch this video about our hot tubs to understand more about the high quality of our hot tub products, brand and services!

Our attractive, durable, and low maintenance acrylic surface is supported by a high strength multiple layer fiberglass substrate, which is hand rolled using our proprietary materials and application methods. The acrylic shell is available in a number of colors and textures.

Our quality dependable Digital Spa Control System, Pumps, and Mechanical Systems are all available from Canadian manufacturers within a short distance of our facility. This allows us to maintain a high level of Canadian content in our spas, in turn reducing the overall cost to the consumer. Using high quality Canadian parts also allows us to service our customers faster and with a much higher level of efficiency.

Our high quality filtration system delivers higher water quality with less effort from you our customer. As a standard feature on all of our “SunClass LSC” Gold & Platinum Series spas we have installed an ozone generating system, which aids in the water purification process thereby further reducing the amount of chemicals and time required to maintain good water quality.

Our attractive all season cover is manufactured using sealed, vacuum packaged foam insulation panels to keep moisture out and heat in. The cover is given extra support by aluminum extrusions built into the insulation panels for long-term durability and life. A quality zippered marine vinyl cover is used to enclose the foam insulation panels. For safety, our spa covers come equipped with two locking mechanisms. In all, the quality all season spa cover will deliver years of low maintenance and reliable service.

Our quality engineered insulation system is second to none in the spa industry. We offer greatly reduced operating costs and longer life for your pumps and electronic equipment with our proprietary engineered insulation and service system. This system incorporates only non-absorbent high density extruded and sprayed insulating foams. SunClass Spas do not use any low-density foam that absorbs moisture and give bacteria a place to thrive. The SunClass insulation system incorporates a removable extruded foam panel for that all-important warm season ventilation for your mechanical system, thus extending the life of the equipment.

Our high strength solid wood frame & floor is built using only quality pressure treated 2X4’s and plywood. The frame is constructed with anodized screws and urethane adhesive for long-term service. The frame is meticulously surfaced with 3/4″ thick tongue and groove Clear Select Red Western Cedar. A highly weather resistant finish is applied to ensure long-term beauty and reduce future maintenance.

SunClass quality service system incorporates an engineered Clear Select Western Red Cedar skirt enclosure that has a large removable panel on each side of the spa for easy and complete access to all the mechanical systems. This will save you time and money should your spa ever require service in the future. The SunClass service system also maintains the original integrity of the insulation system after re-assembly. This is not always entirely possible with other insulation systems.

Our quality strategically placed jets are fully adjustable. Change direction, volume, flow, and pressure to create the optimum customized massage. Select power with vigorous intensity or adjust to a gentle soothing flow. Recessed clusters of jets and hydrotherapy seats target and massage the muscles in the neck, back and shoulders.

In a world, so busy that many of us are forced to “catch up” with loved ones by telephone; a SunClass quality investment spa is the perfect place to unwind – together. It’s a break from the daily grind that will let the two of you escape to your private “resort” and leave you renewed, refreshed and invigorated. Luxurious? Yes, but a surprisingly affordable luxury that can fit almost any budget.

Radiant Heat Saunas

SunClass Spas is now offering a new product, the Radiant Heat Sauna, by Saunacore, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of high quality saunas. Besides being much more efficient than the conventional sauna, the Radian Heat Sauna has a number of health benefits including:

  • Promotes detoxification of heavy metals and toxins
  • Increases circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues
  • Boosts the immune and cardiovascular systems
  • Relieves pain
  • Burns calories and controls weight
  • Burns up to 600 calories in 25-minute sessions
  • Has exercise effect on the cardiovascular system
  • Beautifies the skin and helps to remove cellulite
  • Enjoy tranquility and relaxation
  • Cleans skin through perspiration
  • 2 to 3 times more effective than traditional saunas
  • Helps to relieve aching muscles
  • Helps to increase circulation
  • Available in poplar for patients with allergies or chemical sensitivities or chronic disease
  • FAR heat penetrates 1-1/2 inches
  • Operates at 86°F – 194°F compared to common saunas at 180°F – 220°FWe also carry the Dual Traditional / Radiant Heat Saunas as well as the Infrared Sauna Kits which are available in the Deluxe, Premium and Platinum Packages.

For more information on these Heat Saunas, please call SunClass Spas at (613) 937-4795, or visit the Saunacore Website.

More about Arctic Spas the Company

Arctic Spas® was founded in 1994. The ownership group is a unique group of guys, having all grown up on farms and in small rural communities of western Canada, where the value of your word far outweighed your commercial success.

We have carried those same values through the entire culture of our business, that is, hot tub and hot tub supplies. We pride ourselves on listening and supporting our customers, dealers and employees alike. Visit one of our wholesale hot tubs showrooms or our factories and speak with anyone, it is obvious we all take providing the best product and service in the industry very seriously.

As a leading hot tub manufacturer, we have always been known for our product quality and innovation. Our focus continues to be on offering the most innovative designs, provide a wonderful hot tub experience, costing less to operate, and require the least amount of maintenance. We are one of the most trusted hot tub dealers and manufacturers in the UK and our spas combine the most advanced spa technology with world-class construction techniques to ensure your enjoyment for years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to review our website. If you wish to know more about Arctic Spas please visit the main corporate website for Canada by clicking here.

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